3 letter abbreviations for books of the bible

Open a specific book, chapter, or verse in Concord quickly using abbreviations in the Search box . The Old and New Testament. While there are several abbreviations for the books o.

Use the links below to find abbreviations for books, sections, and versions of the Bible. Old Testament (OT) Apocrypha (Apoc.) New Testament (NT) Versions and sections of the Bible &185;Information taken from The Chicago Manual of Style the Essential Guide for Writers, Editors, and Publishers, 17th ed., 2017, section 10.44 - 10.48, pp. 596-600.

Abbreviations for the Books of the Bible and for Ancient Jewish and Christian Literature. These are the abbreviations established in The SBL Handbook of Style (Peabody . Dead Sea Scrolls are cited by cave number attached to the letter "Q", manuscript number or abbreviated name, fragment number (if there is one it is given in Arabic.




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AbbreviationBookCol.Colossians1 Cor.1 Corinthians2 Cor.2 CorinthiansEph.Ephesians.

B.C.E. Before Common Era (means the same as B.C.) BCP Book of Common Prayer. BDB Brown Driver & Briggs' A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament. BDF Blass Debrunner & Funk's A Greek Grammar of the New Testament. Bel Bel and the Dragon (Apocrypha) BFT Biblical Foundations in Theology.